In the past Witold Gutkowski has collaborated on articles with Bartlomiej Blachowski. One of their most recent publications is On the analysis of polar lattice plates. Which was published in journal International Journal of Mechanical Sciences.

More information about Witold Gutkowski research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Witold Gutkowski's Articles: (2)

On the analysis of polar lattice plates

AbstractThe paper deals with regular, polar, elastic, plane frames, loaded transversely (see Fig. 1). The equilibrium equations of structural joint and adjacent members, together with force-deformation relations, lead to a set of two difference equations of second order with variable coefficients. The equations are with respect to displacements and rotations of structural nodes. The solution of the problem, in the form of a finite series, is obtained by means of Laplace's method.At the end of the paper two numerical examples are given. Although the final solutions seem complex, on closer examination they are relatively simple and reduce to the calculation of factorials.

Effect of damaged circular flange-bolted connections on behaviour of tall towers, modelled by multilevel substructuring

Highlights•Non-linear FE analysis of circular flange-bolted connection with contact and friction.•Diagrams of connection rigidities depending on pre-tensioning forces in bolts.•Bending effect of bolts under axial tension of the flanged connection.•Influence of single loose bolt on progressive damage of the whole connection.•Two-level substructuring of telecommunication tower with flanged connections.

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