In the past Jingsong Yan has collaborated on articles with Shuqing An. One of their most recent publications is ReviewAdvances of ecological engineering in China. Which was published in journal Ecological Engineering.

More information about Jingsong Yan research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Jingsong Yan's Articles: (2)

ReviewAdvances of ecological engineering in China

AbstractThis paper explores the historical background, origin and development of ecological engineering in one of the world's major developing countries — China. The special historical background, ancient Chinese philosophy and rich traditions of Chinese agricultural practices, as well as the social-economical settings in China give ecological engineering in China many distinct characteristics. In recent decades, ecological engineering in China has advanced rapidly in both theoretical development and practical applications. This paper reviews the main principles of ecological engineering in China, and the approaches of ecological engineering in agro-ecological engineering and in areas of environmental protection such as pollution control, environmental conservation and ecosystem restoration.

Grey-system studies on agricultural ecoengineering in the Taihu Lake area, Jiangsu, China

AbstractA grey-system model was used to simulate and predict changes of nine key parameters in an agro-ecosystem and energy efficiencies of the crop subsystem in the area. The model, which satisfactorily fitted original data, predicted that population, energy production by crops in sum or per hectare, energy production by fishery, and energy input through machinery would increase, but that cropland area, energy production by livestocks and energy input through pesticides and herbicides would decrease. Energy input through fertilizers was predicted to fluctuate in the future. Energy efficiency, total and net energy allocation for people, would slow down in next ten years as the replacement of traditional agriculture by petroleum agriculture takes place. The grey catastrophic prediction model showed that two low energy production years or disaster years would be expected before year 2050, although the trend of the production would increase in future. The grey correlation coefficient showed that disaster years would emerge because short frost-free days, especially low temperature in the spring, would happen in those years.

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