In the past A.I. Rusanov has collaborated on articles with F.M. Kuni. One of their most recent publications is Interfacial thermodynamics: Development for last decades. Which was published in journal Solid State Ionics.

More information about A.I. Rusanov research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

A.I. Rusanov's Articles: (3)

Interfacial thermodynamics: Development for last decades

AbstractThe problem of using the chemical potential of a solid in interfacial thermodynamics and the anisotropy of chemical potential is discussed. A (typical for solids) difference between surface-free energy and surface tension is shown to be the consequence of non-uniformity of chemical potential in a solid interface. A generalized adsorption equation is formulated for deformable solids.

Thermodynamics of solid surfaces

AbstractIn contrast to the thermodynamics of fluid surfaces, the thermodynamics of solid surfaces was not elaborated in detail by Gibbs and other founders of surface thermodynamics. During recent decades, significant progress in this field has been achieved in both the understanding of old notions, like chemical potentials, and in formulating new areas. Applying to solid surfaces, basic relationships of classical theory of capillarity, such as the Laplace equation, the Young equation, the Gibbs adsorption equation, the Gibbs-Curie principle, the Wulff theorem and the Dupré rule, were reformulated and generalized. The thermodynamics of self-dispersion of solids and the thermodynamics of contact line phenomena were developed as well. This review provides a fresh insight into the modern state of the thermodynamics of solid surfaces. Not only a solid surface itself, both in a macroscopic body and in the system of fine particles, but also the interaction of solid surfaces with fluid phases, such as wetting phenomenon, will be analyzed. As the development of surface thermodynamics has given a powerful impetus to the creation of new experimental methods, some of these will be described as examples.

On statistical mechanics of the fluid surface layer at large distances from a boundary surface

AbstractAsymptotics have been obtained of distribution functions and of the pressure tensor in the surface layer of a simple fluid.

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