In the past L.A. Hermanson has collaborated on articles with A.J. Mord. One of their most recent publications is PaperConcepts for on-orbit replenishment of liquid helium for SIRTF☆☆☆. Which was published in journal Cryogenics.

More information about L.A. Hermanson research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

L.A. Hermanson's Articles: (2)

PaperConcepts for on-orbit replenishment of liquid helium for SIRTF☆☆☆

AbstractThe Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) will be a large infrared observatory cooled to 2 K by 4000 dm3 of superfluid helium, and expected to have a lifetime of ≈2 years on orbit Concepts are presented for replenishing the cryogen on orbit, and for designing the airborne support equipment required. Replenishment starting with SIRTF either warm or cold, appears to be feasible within a Space Shuttle-based or Space Station-based mission.

PaperModelling of superfluid helium transfer☆

AbstractA one dimensional model for the flow of He II is applied to a transfer line with flow driven by a thermomechanical pump. The thermodynamic parameters are updated at each step of the integration. A check is made at each step on the proximity of the saturation line and two-phase flow is allowed. Turbulence is allowed in both the normal and the superfluid. Results are shown for conditions that may be typical for the transfer of large volumes of He II in space. The main result is that flow rates of 1000 dm3 h−1 should be achievable with the receiver being 100% filled with saturated liquid He II.

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