One of their most recent publications is Investigation on Temperature dropping effect of Urban Green Space in summer in Hangzhou. Which was published in journal Energy Procedia.

More information about Wu Wenting research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Wu Wenting's Articles: (2)

Investigation on Temperature dropping effect of Urban Green Space in summer in Hangzhou

AbstractComfortableness of outdoor thermal environment has played an important role in people's lives. During the hot summers, the urban green space system has played a significant role in adjusting air temperature and remitting heat island effect. With the aggravating heat island effect and the developments of science and technology, people have continuously deepened their cognition of that urban green space improves urban ecology. From the multidisciplinar angles of ecology and environmental economics, it can be more deeply to realize and evaluate the significance of urban green space to the urban environment, which has become the hot research area and temperature dropping effect of urban green space in summer is one of it. The research investigates quality of ecological service functions of temperature dropping effects of the different types of urban green space in summer in Hangzhou in the classification way, which will provide inspiration and reference for understanding part of ecological results of reducing air temperature by urban green space in summer in Hangzhou and elaborately classifying and evaluating service function values of urban green space.

Study on Barriers and Countermeasures of Technological Innovation of Ecological Service Function Assessment of Urban Greenbelt

AbstractAs the main body of the natural productivity, the urban greenbelt, an irreplaceable comprehensive ecological service system, plays a leading role in beautifying the urban appearance, improving the quality of the urban ecological environment, adjusting the urban ecological balance. The research of ecological service function assessment is a hot research of many domains in recent times, such as ecology, environmental science, sociology, science of culture, economics, etc. Technological innovation is not only the urgent need and significant support system of technological development, but also the urgent need of solving the existing problems of the ecological service function assessment of urban greenbelt. This paper analyzes the main barriers and corresponding countermeasures of the technological innovation, such as unsound innovation mechanism, dated technological means, fault information transform, unsound assessment system, etc., which provides enlightenment and reference for the assessment, planning, construction, management and sustainable development of the ecological service function of urban greenbelt.

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