In the past A.J Moses has collaborated on articles with N Derebasi. One of their most recent publications is Variation of magnetic properties of toroidal cores with magnetizing frequency. Which was published in journal Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

More information about A.J Moses research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

A.J Moses's Articles: (2)

Variation of magnetic properties of toroidal cores with magnetizing frequency

AbstractAC magnetic properties of toroidal cores made from six different soft magnetic materials were measured. A solid steel core exhibited the highest remanance, coercivity and core loss as expected whereas a nanocrystalline core had the lowest remanance of the cores tested. Increase in dynamic core loss with frequency in steel particle and iron powder cores was low compared with the other cores but was low in permeability.

Aspects of the cut-edge effect stress on the power loss and flux density distribution in electrical steel sheets

AbstractThis paper describes some effects of cutting on power loss, localised flux distribution and B–H curves of a fully processed, high permeability non-oriented electrical steel. Cutting a single sheet into narrow strips increased the power loss by up to 30% and significantly changed the B–H characteristics. The change in flux distribution caused by cutting was lower when magnetised at 400 Hz than at 50 Hz.

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