One of their most recent publications is Critical thinking and integrated programs. The problem of transferability. Which was published in journal Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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Daniela Dumitru's Articles: (2)

Critical thinking and integrated programs. The problem of transferability

AbstractSince 1980, when critical thinking becomes an important chapter in education, the modern perspective on critical thinking includes the issue of transferability of critical and argumentation skills. We developed an experimental design aiming at setting some light on the problem of transferable critical thinking skills. The subjects selected were students, so our research was concentrating on transferability and critical thinking skills development using integrated programs in Romanian higher education. We concluded that critical thinking skills are a complex psychological reality with different components and it is not possible that they automatically transfer to another area, once formed in a domain, and also that the integrated educational program is better than the non-integrated, lecture type, when the transfer to everyday life of critical thinking skills comes in discussion

Correlative Study Between the Personality Factors and Pain Perception at Young Students at Psychology☆

AbstractPresent research tries to prove the existence of significant correlations between personality traits and pain perception, taking as research group students in psychology, ages between 19 and 23, from University of Bucharest. The testing instruments employed were: Hexaco-PI-R (Kibeom Lee & Michael C. Ashton) and Pain Perception Questionnaire (Vienna Tests System, 2012). The results provided only few correlations between Cognitive Control Diligence, Modesty and Anxiety. Hence, pain perception is not related with personality traits at young students in psychology, conclusion which is very important for practicing their profession.

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