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Chapter 3 - Contemporary Theories of Humor

AbstractEach of the contemporary theories of humor discussed in this chapter expanded upon the classic formulations to offer more complete explanations of the multifaceted experience of humor. They each propose that humor emerges from fundamental cognitive processes involved in the perception or interpretation of an event. Furthermore, the contemporary theories more clearly and fully delineate the underlying cognitive and motivational processes that ultimately answer the question, “what makes something funny?” Thus, contemporary theories more clearly specify the conditions that are necessary and sufficient for the occurrence of mirth and laughter. Overall, each of the contemporary theories offers improvements in theoretical clarity and scope of applicability than their classic predecessors. However, each has limitations and requires more research to fully test central hypotheses and uncover the boundaries of its explanatory value.

Chapter 4 - The Personality Psychology of Humor

AbstractIn this chapter, we first explore the meaning of sense of humor, noting that this concept seems to comprise several different dimensions. We then address the common ways in which personality psychologists conceptualize and measure sense of humor as it relates to humor appreciation and the use of humor in daily life. We also discuss how sense of humor is related to other personality traits. Finally, in this chapter we consider recent research on concepts related to individual differences in people’s disposition toward ridicule.

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