In the past Hakan Alyuruk has collaborated on articles with Levent Cavas. One of their most recent publications is Chapter 4 - Physical oceanography examples. Which was published in journal .

More information about Hakan Alyuruk research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Hakan Alyuruk's Articles: (2)

Chapter 4 - Physical oceanography examples

AbstractIn this chapter, you will find R and Python scripts for vertical profiles, time-series plots, temperature-salinity diagrams, coastline maps, transect plots, and surface plots frequently used in physical oceanography.

Thomas and artificial neural network models for the fixed-bed adsorption of methylene blue by a beach waste Posidonia oceanica (L.) dead leaves

AbstractPosidonia oceanica (L.) is an endemic sea grass in the Mediterranean Sea. Its dead leaves are accumulated in the beaches. Biomass based on dead leaves of P. oceanica is considered as a beach waste. Therefore, they are burned to keep beaches clean. In the present study, an alternative eco-friendly evaluation approach for removal of methylene blue by dead leaves of P. oceanica is studied. Dynamic removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution is performed in a fixed-bed column. Effects of different flow rates and bed heights on column performance are investigated and best flow rate and bed height are observed at 7.28 mL/min and 9 cm, respectively. Column performance has been modeled with Thomas and Artificial Neural Network models. The results confirm that dead leaves of P. oceanica can be used as a fixed-bed material for the dynamic removal of dyes in the waste waters from textile industry.

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