One of their most recent publications is Electricity availability: A precondition for faster economic growth?. Which was published in journal Energy Economics.

More information about Rohan Best research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Rohan Best's Articles: (2)

Electricity availability: A precondition for faster economic growth?

Highlights•There is some evidence that electricity availability affects subsequent economic growth.•Much of the effect disappears once suitable controls are included.•We use cross-sectional and panel regressions with national-level decadal data.•We examine multiple dimensions of electricity availability.

Adoption of solar and wind energy: The roles of carbon pricing and aggregate policy support

Highlights•Countries with carbon pricing use more solar and wind energy.•Aggregate levels of policy support appear to have been important for solar energy.•Perceiving climate change as a threat is associated with higher solar energy use.•Private credit and domestic private debt are associated with higher wind energy use.

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