One of their most recent publications is The Perceived long-term impact of the radiological curriculum innovation in the medical doctors training at Ghent University. Which was published in journal European Journal of Radiology.

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Elena V. Kourdioukova's Articles: (2)

The Perceived long-term impact of the radiological curriculum innovation in the medical doctors training at Ghent University

AbstractObjectivesHow do students experience and perceive the innovative undergraduate radiology curriculum at Ghent University, and what explains differences in student perception?MethodsA survey was presented to the 2008 cohort of students enrolled in the undergraduate medical curriculum at Ghent University. The survey focused on their experiences and perceptions in relation to the innovative undergraduate radiology teaching.Results and conclusionThe present research results point at a favorable perception of the innovative radiology curriculum components. The study points – both during pre-clinical and clinical years – at the appreciation for curriculum components that combine traditional curriculum components (ex-cathedra lessons with syllabus) with distance learning components such as E-learning and E-testing. In clinical years – as expected – students switch to the application of knowledge and skills and therefore heavily appreciate practice linked curriculum components.

Radiological clerkships as a critical curriculum component in radiology education

AbstractObjectiveThe aim of this research was to explore the perceived value of clinical clerkships in the radiology curriculum as well as the impact of radiology clerkship on students’ beliefs about the profession of radiology as a whole and as a career.MethodsThis study is a sequel to a previous survey in which student perceptions about radiology curriculum components were investigated. The present study focuses on a further analysis of a subsection in this study, based on 14 statements about radiology clerkship and two statements about radiology as a career.ResultsPerceived usefulness of the aspects of radiology clerkship as “radiology examination”, “skills development” and “diagnosis focus” were awarded the highest scores. The predict value of the subscale “radiology examination” on the level of performance was very high (adjusted R2 = 0.19, p < .001).ConclusionStudents expressed highly favorable evaluation of clerkship as a learning environment to learn to order and to interpret imaging studies as well as an unique possibility to attend various radiological examinations and to access to specific radiology software systems, as well as to get a better view on radiology and to improve image interpretation skills. This positive attitude towards clerkship is closely tied to students’ beliefs about the profession of radiology as a whole. These aspects of dedicated radiology clerkship are crucial for effective and high-quality education as well as for the choice of radiology as a career.

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