One of their most recent publications is Education in astronomy and astrophysics: The Indian experience. Which was published in journal Advances in Space Research.

More information about J.V. Narlikar research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

J.V. Narlikar's Articles: (1)

Education in astronomy and astrophysics: The Indian experience

AbstractIn the context of a vast region with one-sixth of the global population, the Indian subcontinent has a very rich tradition of teaching of astronomy as a science. The so-called modern astronomy has mostly been developed over the past two centuries whereas the subject of astrophysics is barely a hundred years old. This work reviews briefly the current efforts in India in propagating these subjects not only at the research level but all the way down to the level of school children. With the creation of IUCAA, these efforts have been systematized and the response to them has been very rewarding.

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