In the past Zhiwu An has collaborated on articles with Zhongtao Hu. One of their most recent publications is The nonlinear S0 Lamb mode in a plate with a linearly-varying thickness. Which was published in journal Ultrasonics.

More information about Zhiwu An research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Zhiwu An's Articles: (2)

The nonlinear S0 Lamb mode in a plate with a linearly-varying thickness

Highlights•A theoretical model of nonlinear lamb wave in a linearly varying plate was proposed.•Its properties in linearly varying plate are discussed and verified.•The application of nonlinear Lamb wave technique may be extended from the uniform-thickness plate to the varying-thickness plate.

A nonlinear spring model for an interface between two solids

AbstractThe solution for second-harmonic fields accompanying an acoustic wave propagating through an interface layer between two solids has been obtained within a second-order perturbation. An approximate boundary model termed as a “nonlinear spring model” has been rigorously developed using an asymptotic expansion of the exact solution in the limit of small ratio of interface layer thickness to wavelength. The applicability of the above model is analyzed by comparison with the exact solution. It is shown that the accuracy of the nonlinear spring model is closely related to some parameters such as the ratio of interface layer thickness to wavelength, and mass densities of layer material to substrates. Parameters that affect the amplitudes of the second harmonics generated at the interface are analyzed by using the nonlinear spring model.

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