In the past Kevin B. Meehan has collaborated on articles with Chiara De Panfilis. One of their most recent publications is The relationship between effortful control, current psychopathology and interpersonal difficulties in adulthood. Which was published in journal Comprehensive Psychiatry.

More information about Kevin B. Meehan research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Kevin B. Meehan's Articles: (2)

The relationship between effortful control, current psychopathology and interpersonal difficulties in adulthood

AbstractThis study examined whether the relationship between low effortful control (EC), general psychopathology and interpersonal maladjustment previously reported among children extends to adulthood. Two hundred and forty undergraduate students were assessed using the EC scale of the Adult Temperament Questionnaire, the General Severity Index of the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI-GSI) and the interpersonal distress index of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems–Short Circumplex (IIP-distress). Both the BSI-GSI and the IIP-distress scores were related to low levels of EC. Furthermore, interpersonal distress mediated the association between low EC and greater psychopathology severity. These results suggest that deficits in regulatory temperament among adults may be associated with experiencing greater psychopathology distress, and that this relationship may be explained by an impairment in interpersonal adjustment. Such preliminary findings may constitute a useful starting point for investigating this hypothesis among clinical populations.

Rejection sensitivity and interpersonal behavior in daily life

Highlights•Rejection sensitivity (RS) fosters a self-perpetuating cycle of relational problems.•However, few studies evaluate longitudinal patterns of functioning in high RS.•Participants completed a 7-day event-contingent experience sampling study.•Those with high RS disconnect when perceiving low, negative affect in others.•This stance aims to avoid but likely invites the very rejection those with RS fear.

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