In the past G. Cauchon has collaborated on articles with J.L. Campbell. One of their most recent publications is Series formelles croisees. Which was published in journal Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.

More information about G. Cauchon research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

G. Cauchon's Articles: (2)

Series formelles croisees

AbstractIn this paper, we generalise the well-known notion of Malcev-Neumann series with support in an ordered group G and coefficients in a field K (Neumann, 1949) to the notion of crossed Malcev-Neumann series associated to a morphism σ : G → Aut(K) and a 2-cocycle α.We first prove that the ring KM[[G, σ, α]] of those series is still a division ring and (with some additional assumptions) that the rational ones s = ∑gϵGs(g)g verify: If all the “monomials” s(g)g are in a same subdivision ring Δ of KM[[G, σ, α]], then so does s itself.We then use those results to compute some centralisers in division rings of fractions of skew polynomial rings in several variables and quantum spaces.

A quantitative explanation of low-energy tailing features of Si(Li) and Ge X-ray detectors, using synchrotron radiation

AbstractLine shapes have been measured for Si(Li) and Ge detectors using monoenergetic photons in the energy range 1.8–8.3 keV. Accurate escape peak intensities obtained from least-squares-fits to the spectra enable us to provide an improved prescription for the relative intensity of the silicon X-ray escape peak. The shape and intensity of the long-term low-energy shelf are accurately reproduced by a Monte Carlo simulation based upon a simple electron transport model and neglecting diffusion effects. It remains to identify the precise physical origin of the exponential tail close to the peak.

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