One of their most recent publications is Cognitive and Behavioral Aspects of Brain-Injury Rehabilitation. Which was published in journal Neurologic Clinics.

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Norman S. Namerow's Articles: (1)

Cognitive and Behavioral Aspects of Brain-Injury Rehabilitation

One of the most exciting areas in current neurologic rehabilitation concerns cognitive remediation following brain injury. The experimental substrate upon which such rehabilitation rests is not yet firm, but results to date are suggestive of a positive effect, if not in specific cognitive ability, at least in functional and behavioral outcome. As more controlled studies are performed and improved, neuropsychological, behavioral, and social measures are developed, it can be anticipated that improved patient selection and therapeutic intervention will emerge. Also, as we gain further understanding of the molecular and cellular consequences of brain injury, it is not unreasonable to expect improved pharmacologic therapy of the various sequelae of brain injury.

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