In the past K. Bouziane has collaborated on articles with A. Ben Abdellah and K. Benallal. One of their most recent publications is Site occupancy and magnetic study of Al3+ and Cr3+ co-substituted Y3Fe5O12. Which was published in journal Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

More information about K. Bouziane research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

K. Bouziane's Articles: (4)

Site occupancy and magnetic study of Al3+ and Cr3+ co-substituted Y3Fe5O12

AbstractSingle-phased polycrystalline Y3Fe5−2xAlxCrxO12 garnet samples (x=0, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6) have been prepared by the conventional ceramic technique. Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction patterns of the samples shows them to crystallize in the Ia3d space group and the corresponding lattice constant to decrease with increasing Al3+ and Cr3+ contents (x). Mössbauer results indicate that Cr3+ substitutes for Fe3+ at the octahedral sites whilst Al3+ essentially replaces Fe3+ at the tetrahedral sites. This result indicates that co-doping of Y3Fe5O12 does not affect the preferential site occupancy for separate individual substitution of either Cr3+ or Al3+. The magnetization measurements reveal that the Curie temperature (Tc) monotonically decreases with increasing x while the magnetic moment per unit formula decreases up to x=0.4 and then slightly increases for x=0.6. This reflects a progressive weakening of the ferrimagnetic exchange interaction between the Fe3+ ions at octahedral and tetrahedral sites due to co-substitution. The magnetic moment was calculated using the cations distribution inferred from the Mössbauer data and the collinear ferrimagnetic model, and was found to agree reasonably with the experimentally measured value. The phenomenological amplitude crossover, characterized by the temperature T*, has also been observed in the doped YIG and briefly discussed.

Electron transport in liquid Na, K and Rb: t-matrix formalism revisited

AbstractWe have performed ab initio calculations based on t-matrix formalism in the framework of the nearly free electron [NFE] theory to determine the electrical resistivity ρ and the thermoelectric power S of three liquid alkali metals, namely, Na, K and Rb. The present approach is primarily based on the Dreirach model that considers a shift EB between the bottom of the free electrons density-of-states (DOS) and the muffin tin zero (VMTZ). Concurrently the second model initiated by Esposito et al. that takes into account the nearly free electrons (NFE) without any gap between NFE-DOS and VMTZ has also been tested. The results ρ and S obtained from the Esposito et al. model are not consistent with experimental counterparts. A substantial improvement of ρ and S values is obtained from Dreirach model provided the temperature dependence of ρ versus energy is considered in order to reproduce the correct sign for S. This observation is presumably related to the fact that in the range between 0 and EF on the energy scale, the DOS for these metals fairly resemble those of free electrons yielding their effective valence Nc to be very close to the valence number Z but with a shift of the bottom of the band which cannot be neglected.

Mn fraction substitutional site and defects induced magnetism in Mn-implanted 6H-SiC

Highlights•Shallow Mn-implanted 6H-SiC crystal.•Correlation between Mn-substitutional site concentration and magnetism.•Correlation between defects nature surrounding Mn site and magnetism.•Correlation of magnetism in Mn-doped SiC to Mn at Si sites and vacancy-related defect.

SFP et AJP / Hépatologie, gastro-entérologieP042 - Rôle de l’infection à Hélicobacter pylori dans les douleurs abdominales récurrentes de l’enfant

Les relations entre les douleurs abdominales récurrentes (DAR) et l’infection à H. pylori chez l’enfant ne sont pas claires.ObjectifApprocher la prévalence de l’infection à H. pylori chez l’enfant et adolescent présentant des DAR par rapport à ceux sans DAR.Patients et MéthodesAnalyse faite de 1993 à 2008. H. pylori a été recherché chez les patients par biopsie antrale indiquée soit devant des DAR, soit au cours d’une fibroscopie faite pour biopsie jéjunale pour suspicion d’intolérance au gluten. Trois prélèvements biopsiques antrales réalisés pour les tests diagnostiques (test à l’uréase, Gram, culture, histologie).Résultats465 malades, 186 avec DAR et 279 nous ont servis de comparaison. On avait 270 filles et 195 garçons, L’âge était de 10,63 ± 4,93 ans chez les filles et de 9,3 ± 5,2 ans chez les garçons (p = 0,9). la prévalence de l’infection était de 54,7 % dans le groupe symptomatique vs 33,6 % pour le groupe non symptomatique (p = 0,0001), les douleurs abdominales étaient plus fréquentes dans le groupe infecté 74,6 % vs 53 % dans le groupe non infecté (p = 0,0007). L’infection à H. pylori était plus fréquente chez les filles que chez les garçons 48,1 % vs 36,4 % (p = 0,01).ConclusionNos résultats ont montré l’existence d’une relation étroite entre infection à H. pylori et DAR.

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