One of their most recent publications is Psychosis, psychiatry and the science of text. Which was published in journal Journal of Pragmatics.

More information about Harly Sonne research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Harly Sonne's Articles: (1)

Psychosis, psychiatry and the science of text

AbstractThis article presents a clarification of the role of language and speech in psychiatry, with special regard to the treatment of psychosis in the institution. The psychiatric institution is viewed as a network of significative processes materialized in the institutional discourse, and the role of speech in psychotherapy is discussed in relation to the kinds of discourse normally practiced in mental hospitals.In order to investigate these relations, the concepts of reality and transference are analyzed, according to the developments of structural (Lacanian) psycho-analysis and the science of text. The substantial changes of language and speech in psychosis are described as changes of enunciation and discourse.These changes of enunciation and discourse are looked upon as closely connected with the dynamic processes of the imaginary body, the concept of which is discussed towards the end of the article.Finally, the article concludes that it is necessary to involve the science of text in order to understand and fully interpret psychotic speech and thought, and, moreover, what happens in the psychiatric institution in general.

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