In the past Chunyu Zhang has collaborated on articles with Wanai Li and Yan Ji. One of their most recent publications is Reciprocal relation between authenticity and calling among Chinese university students: A latent change score approach. Which was published in journal Journal of Vocational Behavior.

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Chunyu Zhang's Articles: (15)

Reciprocal relation between authenticity and calling among Chinese university students: A latent change score approach

Highlights•Examines reciprocal relations between authenticity and calling using a LCS analysis.•An increase in authenticity positively relates to an increase in calling.•High level of authentic living relates to an increase in calling over time.•High level of calling relates to a decrease in authentic living over time.•High level of calling relates to an increase in accepting external influence over time.

A unified wall function for wall condensation modelling in containment multi-component flows

Highlights•A unified formula is given for the wall function in mixed convection flows.•A smooth transition way is proposed for wall function from natural convection to forced convection.•The resolved boundary layer method is used to validate the wall function method for wall condensation.•Different test cases are calculated to validate the capability of the wall condensation model.

Preparation and electrochromic properties of two series of polyurethanes containing separated triphenylamine moiety with different blocks

Highlights•PUs was synthesized from TPA-based isocyanate with various dihydroxy monomers.•Structure modified improves the solubility of PUs in organic solvents.•Continuous cyclic stability of electrochromic characteristics is reported.•PUs owns the non-volatile memory properties.

Alkyl chain-dependent cyano-stilbene derivative's molecular stacking, emission enhancement and fluorescent response to the mechanical force and thermal stimulus

Highlights•Two cyano-stilbene derivatives exhibited crystallization-induced emission enhancement.•Crystal stacking models of two compounds are different.•Supercooling liquid C8MPA emitted enhanced fluorescence after shearing.

Evolution of material removal modes of sapphire under varied scratching depths

AbstractScratching experiments were conducted on C-plane of sapphire along the [011̅0] direction to investigate the evolution of material removal modes under varied scratching depths. The results indicated that the material removal experienced three stages depending on the increase of scratching depth. Pure plastic flow was firstly observed as the scratching depth was small enough, characterized by smooth scratching groove, curled shavings and tiny stick-slip lines. Plastic deformation and brittle fracture coexisted in the second stage, where the initial radial cracks, tearing and segmental chips appeared. Brittle fracture dominated in the final stage: irregular debris and spalling occurred due to the intersection of lateral and radial cracks. In addition, the mechanism of plastic deformation and the cracks initiation/evolution of sapphire is discussed by combining the scratching patterns with the contact-induced deformation theory. Finally, the scratching-induced Acoustic Emission (AE) signals were processed based on fast Fourier transform and wavelet packet decomposition. The characteristics of the AE signals corresponding to the three material removal stages are discussed in frequency domain.

Trading strategies for distribution company with stochastic distributed energy resources

Highlights•A market framework is presented for a proactive DISCO (PDISCO).•Two-stage wholesale markets and stochastic distributed energy resources are involved.•A one-leader multi-follower bilevel model is proposed.•Continuous strategic offers and bids are achieved.

Numerical investigation on the performance of the combined passive and spray cooling system under nuclear severe accident

Highlights•The passive containment cooling system (PCCS) model for the AP600 has been developed and validated.•The performance for different cooling systems is compared in two AP600 hypothetical scenarios.•The detailed analyses of the interaction between spray system and external PCCS are explored.•The superiority of the combined cooling system is explained.

Analyzing selective harvest events in three large forest observational studies in North Eastern China

Highlights•The study is based on three 10-ha observational studies with mapped trees in multi-species forests.•New approaches for assessing the effects of a selective harvest are explored.•Species are grouped into cohorts to evaluate the change of forest composition.•New spatially explicit harvest selection preferences within tree neighborhoods are employed.•The modification of tree size distributions and spatial patterns is assessed.

Scale dependent structuring of spatial diversity in two temperate forest communities

Highlights•A large proportion of diversity accumulators were found in two research plots.•Diversity accumulators dominated at all scales from 0 to 50 m in MF plot.•Accumulators dominated at short ranges, while neutrals beyond 25m in OGF plot.

Maximum density patterns in two natural forests: An analysis based on large observational field studies in China

Highlights•Allometric exponents between tree size and density are between −1.2 and −1.1.•Density patterns in the canopy and understory layers were found to be different.•Joint effects of habitat heterogeneity and dispersal determine maximum density.

Original ContributionAldehyde dehydrogenase 3A1 protects airway epithelial cells from cigarette smoke-induced DNA damage and cytotoxicity

AbstractAldehyde dehydrogenase 3A1 (ALDH3A1), an ALDH superfamily member, catalyzes the oxidation of reactive aldehydes, highly toxic components of cigarette smoke (CS). Even so, the role of ALDH3A1 in CS-induced cytotoxicity and DNA damage has not been examined. Among all of the ALDH superfamily members, ALDH3A1 mRNA levels showed the greatest induction in response to CS extract (CSE) exposure of primary human bronchial epithelial cells (HBECs). ALDH3A1 protein accumulation was accompanied by increased ALDH enzymatic activity in CSE-exposed immortalized HBECs. The effects of overexpression or suppression of ALDH3A1 on CSE-induced cytotoxicity and DNA damage (γH2AX) were evaluated in cultured immortalized HBECs. Enforced expression of ALDH3A1 attenuated cytotoxicity and downregulated γH2AX. SiRNA-mediated suppression of ALDH3A1 blocked ALDH enzymatic activity and augmented cytotoxicity in CSE-exposed cells. Our results suggest that the availability of ALDH3A1 is important for cell survival against CSE in HBECs.

Effect of a magnetic field on the adsorptive removal of methylene blue onto wheat straw biochar

Highlights•Adsorption of MB by wheat straw biochar was enhanced by a magnetic field.•The biochar pyrolyzed at 200 °C outperformed those pyrolyzed at higher temperatures.•The surface acidic functional groups were sensitive to the external magnetic field.•Kinetic study indicated a chemisorption process of adsorption.•The qmax value was enhanced by 34.1% under the external magnetic field.

ArticleZwitterionic polymer-coated porous poly(vinyl acetate–divinyl benzene) microsphere: A new support for enhanced performance of immobilized lipase☆

AbstractEnzyme immobilization has attracted great attention for improving the performance of enzymes in industrial applications. This work was designed to create a new support for Candida rugosa lipase (CRL) immobilization. A porous poly(vinyl acetate–divinyl benzene) microsphere coated by a zwitterionic polymer, poly(maleic anhydride-alt-1-octadecene) and N,N-dimethylethylenediamine derivative, was developed for CRL immobilization via hydrophobic binding. The catalytic activity, reaction kinetics, stabilities and reusability of the immobilized CRL were investigated. It demonstrated the success of the zwitterionic polymer coating and subsequent CRL immobilization on the porous microsphere. The immobilized lipase (p2-MS-CRL) reached 27.6 mg·g−1 dry carrier and displayed a specific activity 1.5 times higher than free CRL. The increase of Vmax and decrease of Km were also observed, indicating the improvement of catalytic activity and enzyme-substrate affinity of the immobilized lipase. Besides, p2-MS-CRL exhibited significantly enhanced thermal stability and pH tolerance. The improved performance was considered due to the interfacial activation regulated by the hydrophobic interaction and stabilization effect arisen by the zwitterionic polymer coating. This study has thus proved the advantages of the zwitterionic polymer-coated porous carrier for lipase immobilization and its potential for further development in various enzyme immobilizations.

Crystallization of sexiphenyl induced by polyurethane containing terphenyl groups affording high-mobility organic thin-film transistor

Highlights•Polyurethane containing terphenyl groups affording high-mobility organic thin-film transistor.•Polyurethane containing terphenyl groups can be easily fabricated by solution-processing and cured by UV.•Polyurethane containing terphenyl groups can induce crystallization of sexiphenyl.

Short communicationHigh-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of cytarabine and its valyl prodrug valcytarabine in rat plasma

AbstractA sensitive, specific and rapid HPLC–MS/MS method has been developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of cytarabine and valcytarabine (valyl prodrug of cytarabine) in rat plasma in the present study. The analytes were separated on a C18 column (50 mm × 2.1 mm, 1.7 μm) and a triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry equipped with an electrospray ionization (ESI) source was applied for detection. Cation exchange solid-phase extraction cartridge was employed to extract the analytes from rat plasma, with high recovery of cytarabine (>85%). The method was linear over the concentration ranges of 10–20,000 ng/mL for cytarabine and 25–1000 ng/mL for valcytarabine. The lower limit of quantitation (LLOQ) of cytarabine and valcytarabine was 10 and 25 ng/mL, respectively. The intra-day and inter-day relative standard deviation (RSD) were less than 15% and the relative error (RE) were all within 15%. Finally, the method was successfully applied to support the prodrug pharmacokinetic study after valcytarabine and cytarabine were orally administrated to the Sprague–Dawley rat, respectively.

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