In the past Huaxin Lin has collaborated on articles with Li Zhou and George A. Elliott. One of their most recent publications is Lifting KK-elements, asymptotic unitary equivalence and classification of simple C∗-algebras. Which was published in journal Advances in Mathematics.

More information about Huaxin Lin research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Huaxin Lin's Articles: (6)

Lifting KK-elements, asymptotic unitary equivalence and classification of simple C∗-algebras

AbstractLet A and C be two unital simple C∗-algebras with tracial rank zero. Suppose that C is amenable and satisfies the Universal Coefficient Theorem. Denote by KKe(C,A)++ the set of those κ in KK(C,A) for which κ(K0(C)+∖{0})⊂K0(A)+∖{0} and κ([1C])=[1A]. Suppose that κ∈KKe(C,A)++. We show that there is a unital monomorphism ϕ:C→A such that [ϕ]=κ. Suppose that C is a unital AH-algebra and λ:T(A)→Tf(C) is a continuous affine map for which τ(κ([p]))=λ(τ)(p) for all projections p in all matrix algebras of C and any τ∈T(A), where T(A) is the simplex of tracial states of A and Tf(C) is the convex set of faithful tracial states of C. We prove that there is a unital monomorphism ϕ:C→A such that ϕ induces both κ and λ.Suppose that h:C→A is a unital monomorphism and γ∈Hom(K1(C),Aff(A)). We show that there exists a unital monomorphism ϕ:C→A such that [ϕ]=[h] in KK(C,A), τ○ϕ=τ○h for all tracial states τ and the associated rotation map can be given by γ. Denote by KKT(C,A)++ the set of compatible pairs (κ,λ), where κ∈KLe(C,A)++ and λ is a continuous affine map from T(A) to Tf(C). Together with a result on asymptotic unitary equivalence in [H. Lin, Asymptotic unitary equivalence and asymptotically inner automorphisms, arXiv:math/0703610, 2007], this provides a bijection from the asymptotic unitary equivalence classes of unital monomorphisms from C to A to (KKT(C,A)++,Hom(K1(C),Aff(T(A)))/R0), where R0 is a subgroup related to vanishing rotation maps.As an application, combining these results with a result of W. Winter [W. Winter, Localizing the Elliott conjecture at strongly self-absorbing C∗-algebras, arXiv:0708.0283v3, 2007], we show that two unital amenable simple Z-stable C∗-algebras are isomorphic if they have the same Elliott invariant and the tensor products of these C∗-algebras with any UHF-algebra have tracial rank zero. In particular, if A and B are two unital separable simple Z-stable C∗-algebras with unique tracial states which are inductive limits of C∗-algebras of type I, then they are isomorphic if and only if they have isomorphic Elliott invariants.

A study on the start-up and performance of a kW-class molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) stack

AbstractA kW-class internal-manifolded molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) stack (52 cells) was assembled with inorganic adhesive under a suitable stacking pressure. The organic compounds in the matrices were burnt out under the conditions of slow and uniform elevation of temperature and big flow of oxygen gas in the stack. The stacking pressure dropped with elevating temperature. The output power of the stack at 150 mA cm−2 was 1025.5 W when the reactant gas pressure and utilization were 0.5 MPa and 20%, respectively. The thermal–electrical efficiency of the stack was enhanced by increasing the pressure of the reactant. However, it was contrarily decreased when current density was increased.

The corona algebra of the stabilized Jiang–Su algebra

AbstractLet Z be the Jiang–Su algebra and K the C⁎-algebra of compact operators on an infinite dimensional separable Hilbert space. We prove that the corona algebra M(Z⊗K)/Z⊗K has real rank zero. We actually prove a more general result.

The classification of simple separable unital Z-stable locally ASH algebras

AbstractLet A be a unital simple separable locally approximately subhomogeneous C*-algebra (locally ASH algebra). It is shown that A⊗Q can be tracially approximated by unital Elliott–Thomsen algebras with trivial K1-group, where Q is the universal UHF algebra. In particular, it follows that A is classifiable by the Elliott invariant if A is Jiang–Su stable.

Direct internal reforming molten carbonate fuel cell with core–shell catalyst

AbstractA sort of core–shell catalyst as a novel anti-alkali-poisoning concept was prepared, tested and applied in the direct internal reforming molten carbonate fuel cell (DIR-MCFC). Results showed that the core–shell catalyst possessed good alkali-poisoning resistance capacity, which was explained well by the micropore model of the catalyst. And the cell performance could keep above 0.75V during 100 h test. When the steam carbon ratio was 2 (S/C = 2) and the current density was 150 mA cm−2, the cell potential varied from 0.826 to 0.751 V and the voltage fluctuant phenomenon was explained specifically. Furthermore, the short stack (three cells) was also assembled, and the maximum output power density of the short stack was 338.4 mW cm−2. The above results indicated that the core–shell catalyst could be applied into the DIR-MCFC successfully.

Comparison of long-term impact of immunosuppressants at therapeutic doses on hepatic function and histological changes in unilateral nephrectomized rats

AbstractCyclosporine, tacrolimus and sirolimus are commonly used in renal transplant recipients to prevent rejection. Various adverse effects of these agents on the multiple organ system have been reported clinically. However, animal studies are necessary to determine and compare these effects on individual organ given the presence of multiple confounding factors and multi-pharmacy in clinical settings. In a physiologically and clinically relevant rat model of unilateral nephrectomy, the long-term impacts of commonly used immunosuppressants at doses equivalent to the therapeutic levels used for post-renal transplant patients on hepatic function and histological changes of the liver were examined. Cyclosporine induced significant hepatocellular injury, impairment of synthetic function of the liver, hyperbilirubinemia and cholestasis, and dyslipidemia accompanied by profound histological changes of hepatic structures on both light and electron microscopic examinations. On the other hand, neither tacrolimus nor sirolimus developed any hepatotoxic effects except for more remarkable dyslipidemia was observed in animals treated with sirolimus. Our study indicates that long-term administration of commonly used immunosuppressants has various impacts on biochemical parameters as well as histological alterations of the liver even at therapeutic levels. These data may therefore provide useful information for judicious selection of immunosuppressive agents based on different clinical settings.

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