In the past Prashanth Srinivasan has collaborated on articles with Ragunath Singaravelu. One of their most recent publications is Human serum activates CIDEB-mediated lipid droplet enlargement in hepatoma cells. Which was published in journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

More information about Prashanth Srinivasan research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Prashanth Srinivasan's Articles: (2)

Human serum activates CIDEB-mediated lipid droplet enlargement in hepatoma cells

Highlights•Human serum induced differentiation of hepatoma cells increases cellular lipid droplet (LD) size.•The observed increase in LD size correlates with increased PGC-1α and CIDEB expression.•Induction of CIDEB expression correlates with rescue of VLDL secretion and loss of ADRP.•siRNA knockdown of CIDEB impairs the human serum mediated increase in LD size.•This system represents a cost-efficient model to study CIDEB’s role in lipid biology.

Modeling pseudo-elasticity in NiTi: Why the MEAM potential outperforms the EAM-FS potential

Highlights•The pseudo-elastic behavior of NiTi is modeled by MD simulations.•The simulations are performed using two potentials: MEAM and EAM-FS.•The MEAM potential is found to outperform the EAM-FS potential.•The MEAM potential predicts more accurate transformation strain and Young’s modulus.•It is found that the MEAM potential gives more accurate lattice and elastic constants.

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