In the past J. Dudonis has collaborated on articles with M. Laurikaitis. One of their most recent publications is Changes in surface composition induced by ion bombardment of multicomponent alloys. Which was published in journal Surface and Coatings Technology.

More information about J. Dudonis research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

J. Dudonis's Articles: (2)

Changes in surface composition induced by ion bombardment of multicomponent alloys

AbstractThe surface composition of Ag xAuyPdz(x=0.1−0.6, y=0.3−0.8 and z=0.1−0.5) alloys affected by 2 keV argon ion bombardment were investigated as a function of alloy bulk composition. It was found that the ratio of component sputtering yields of tertiary alloys depends on the bulk composition of the alloy. The characteristics influences needed to achieve the steady state surface concentration are different for different types of atoms in the alloy and experimentally measured values are in the range (7.3−23.3)×1015 cm-2.

Deposition of zirconium oxynitride films by reactive cathodic arc evaporation and investigation of physical properties

AbstractThe area of metal oxynitrides is poorly explored, and understanding of the fundamental mechanism that explains structural, mechanical, electrical, and optical properties is still insufficient. Therefore, the purpose of the present investigation is to analyze structural, electrical, and optical properties of ZrNxOy films deposited by reactive cathodic arc evaporation.Depending on the oxygen flow, cubic ZrN:O, monoclinic ZrO2:N, and tetragonal ZrO2:N phases films were prepared. The sheet resistance and the optical transmittance very much depend on the oxygen flow. Optical transparent ZrNxOy films with transmittance of 86% at 650 nm, the sheet resistance 1.1 · 103 Ω/sq, and the figure of merit 2 · 10− 4 Ω− 1 are deposited with the 60 sccm oxygen flow.

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