One of their most recent publications is QCD off the lightcone and the demise of the transverse momentum cut-off☆. Which was published in journal Physics Letters B.

More information about H.David Politzer research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

H.David Politzer's Articles: (3)

QCD off the lightcone and the demise of the transverse momentum cut-off☆

AbstractCriteria are given for the applicability of the asymptotic freedom of QCD. Perturbative QCD has a much broader range of utility than lightcone dominated phenomena. The most striking predictions pertain to transverse momenta that scale, i.e. grow proportionately to the large invariants. While hints of these unlimited transverse momenta are already visible in existing data, the predictions are unmistakable for μ-p, e+-e−, and hadron-hadron experiments now planned.

Leading logarithms of heavy quark masses in processes with light and heavy quarks☆

AbstractThe matrix elements of operators containing both heavy quark (Q) and light quark (q) fields can contain large logarithms of the type ln(mQ2/μ2), where μ is a typical QCD mass scale and mQ is the heavy quark mass. We outline a method for summing leading logarithms of this type. We apply it to the decay constant fM of a low lying pseudoscalar meson M with Q̄q flavor quantum numbers and predict the ratios of decay constants for mesons with different heavy flavors. We also apply it to a matrix element of a four-quark operator which is relevant for B0−B̄0 mixing.

A phenomenology of QCD on a small lattice☆

AbstractWeak-coupling methods, appropriate to a small lattice, reproduce many features of the QCD spectrum derived on a 63 × 10 lattice using Monte Carlo techniques and offer some insight into finite lattice size effects.

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