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Publisher SummaryThis chapter discusses the concept of civil war. A civil war is a war between two or more groups of inhabitants of the same State. A civil war may be fought for control of the government of a State, or it may be caused by the desire of part of the population to secede and form a new State. These two types of civil war are the most common, but there can also be other types of civil war; for instance, the rebels can try to force the government to make concessions such as granting of regional autonomy, without trying either to overthrow the government or to form a new State. Since 1945, civil wars have been more numerous than international wars, and even many of the international wars since 1945 have had their roots in civil wars. Although most civil wars are not prohibited by international law, it does not necessarily follow that other States are entitled to intervene in a civil war by giving help to one side or the other.

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