In the past Joseph Glick has collaborated on articles with Mark J Niven. One of their most recent publications is Postmodern psychology: Cultural psychology and apprenticeship. Which was published in journal Cognitive Development.

More information about Joseph Glick research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Joseph Glick's Articles: (2)

Postmodern psychology: Cultural psychology and apprenticeship

AbstractThis review considers two books that pose the problems of postmodernism to the field of developmental psychology. Cultural Psychology explores the theoretical and methodological consequences of shifting focus to the meaning-filled intentional worlds of cultural agents. Apprenticeship in Thinking explores the role that social interactions play in socializing children into the varying demands and competencies of their culture. The review focuses on the differences between these agentive and structural-material views of cognitive socialization.

Symptomatic Hypocalcemia Precipitated by Small-Volume Blood Transfusion☆☆☆★

AbstractWe present 2 cases in which the transfusion of small volumes of packed RBC was sufficient to precipitate symptomatic hypocalcemia. Subsequent inquiry revealed that both of the patients had preexisting, untreated, and asymptomatic hypocalcemia, 1 following partial thyroidectomy many years earlier and the other with documented hypocalcemia but without a definitive diagnosis.[Niven MJ, Zohar M, Shimoni Z, Glick J: Symptomatic hypocalcemia precipitated by small-volume blood transfusion. Ann Emerg Med October 1998;32:498-501.]

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