One of their most recent publications is Original communicationStaphylococcus pneumonia: A clinical, pathologic, and bacteriologic study. Which was published in journal The Journal of Pediatrics.

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Abram Kanof's Articles: (3)

Original communicationStaphylococcus pneumonia: A clinical, pathologic, and bacteriologic study

SummaryThirty-seven cases of staphylococcus pneumonia are classified and the clinical features described. The pathology and bacteriology are described in different types of cases, and the pathogenesis is discussed. A summary of the differences from, and similarities to, pneumococcus pneumonia is given.

Rehabilitation of a child with numerous congenital defects*

SummaryA child with multiple congenital anomalies is presented. A rehabilitation program involving her gait, speech, general education, vocational planning, and psychiatric adjustment is described. This process requires a hospital psychologically and physically equipped for this type of work. It also requires a large and diversified staff, well-trained on a professional and technical level.

Pediatric rehabilitation and the pediatrician

Summary1.The field of pediatric rehabilitation is new and stimulating, and is worthy of our best efforts.2.The number of diseases best treated by the rehabilitation approach has increased.3.The four basic principles of pediatric rehabilitation can be characterized by the following phrases: (a) let's try; (b) what's left? (c) function, not disease, determines treatment; (d) rehabilitation involves total care of the child; and (e) rehabilitation is a long-term undertaking.4.The most important areas for rehabilitation are: (a) musculoskeletal disability; (b) communication disability; (c) visceral disability.5.The rehabilitation teamworking through an evaluation conference is the most important part of the armamentarium in pediatric rehabilitation.6.Teachability is the significant limiting factor in rehabilitation. The patient is, therefore, the most important member of the rehabilitation team.7.The pediatrician on the team functions as pediatrician, coordinator, surrogate, and investigator.

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