One of their most recent publications is Joint position stand of the ISSP, FEPSAC, ASPASP, and AASP on professional accreditation. Which was published in journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

More information about Robert J. Schinke research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Robert J. Schinke's Articles: (2)

Joint position stand of the ISSP, FEPSAC, ASPASP, and AASP on professional accreditation

Highlights•The historical backdrop of ASPASP, FEPSAC, AASP, and ISSP contributed to improved accreditation guidelines.•Accreditation is unfolding in international societies and is influenced by societal missions.•Suggestions are made for how these societies can work together to augment global standards in practice.

Cultural sport psychology as a pathway to advances in identity and settlement research to practice

Highlights•Overviews the origins of cultural sport psychology from its inception to present day.•Draws upon European contributions to the broader trajectories of identity and acculturation scholarship.•Advocates for openness to diverse perspectives and topic areas among cultural sport psychology researchers and practitioners.•Suggestions are made for the future of cultural sport psychology and how it can continue to be open to differring topics.

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