One of their most recent publications is The non-split scalar coset in supergravity theories. Which was published in journal Nuclear Physics B.

More information about Nejat T. Yılmaz research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Nejat T. Yılmaz's Articles: (1)

The non-split scalar coset in supergravity theories

AbstractThe general non-split scalar coset of supergravity theories is discussed. The symmetric space sigma model is studied in two equivalent formulations and for different coset parametrizations. The dualisation and the local first order formulation is performed for the non-split scalar coset G/K when the rigid symmetry group G is a real form of a non-compact semisimple Lie group (not necessarily split) and the local symmetry group K is G's maximal compact subgroup. A comparison with the scalar cosets arising in the T10−D-compactification of the heterotic string theory in ten dimensions is also mentioned.

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