One of their most recent publications is Optimized bending sequences of sheet metal bending by robot. Which was published in journal Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing.

More information about Shigeru Aomura research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Shigeru Aomura's Articles: (1)

Optimized bending sequences of sheet metal bending by robot

AbstractIn the present study, a method is proposed which generates bending sequences of a sheet metal part handled by a robot. If parts are handled by a robot, the best grasping positions for each bending and the number of repositions must be indicated in advance. Using the proposed method, feasible bending sequences with grasping positions are obtained and the sequences are sorted in the order of the number of repositions. In generating the sequences, several important features for the sheet metal bending are considered by dividing them into channels, which is one of the base features. The error accumulated during bending operation is calculated for each sequence, and set-up positions can be selected so as to satisfy the preferential tolerance. The proposed method assists the sheet metal process planner by allowing him/her to plan in advance the best bending sequences and to confirm if the robot can perform the handling operation. A computer simulation was written based on the proposed method, and illustrative examples and results of various simulation models are also given.

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