One of their most recent publications is 2 - The ‘White Lady’. Which was published in journal .

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BOHUŠ CHŇOUPEK's Articles: (2)

2 - The ‘White Lady’

It was in Sered’ that I found out how the Frenchmen had come to Slovakia; how, in Sered’, they had found shelter not only with the Stoklasas but with other Slovak Resistance families in the town—the Štibránis, the Rambouseks, the áčos, the Zavadils. From Sered’, divided into new groups, the Frenchmen had been taken north into the mountains through all manner of obstacles and dangers, putting their lives at every step into the hands of their Slovak guides.From the people who sheltered them to the people who guided them—thus began the second stage of my quest. Among the many names I came across, one enigmatic name cropped up again and again as a byword for reckless courage: that of the woman courier known to the Slovak Resistance as the ‘White Lady’.

5 - Battle at Strečno

Brought to Turiec by the Slovak Resistance, armed and trained with the partisans of Kantor, the Frenchmen encountered their baptism of fire at Strečno—a glorious name in the history of the Slovak Uprising. For it was here that the German drive into Turiec was stopped in its tracks by de Lannurien and his men. The story of their heroic fight is told by their commanding officer, Major Dobrovodský.

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