One of their most recent publications is Fabrication of striped channel pseudomorphic HEMTs. Which was published in journal Microelectronic Engineering.

More information about S. Bollaert research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

S. Bollaert's Articles: (1)

Fabrication of striped channel pseudomorphic HEMTs

AbstractWe report the fabrication and characteristics of striped channel pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor with a 0.3 μm T-shaped gate. This device is made up of multiple narrow channels extending from source to drain. The aim is to confine a two-dimensional electron gas in the lateral direction, and also to form a quasi one-dimensional electron gas. The channel period is 0.7 μm and the width is about 0.15 μm. A change in the pinch-off voltage and an improvement in the normalized transconductance have been obtained. We explain these results in a more efficient charge control due to the lateral confinement of the electron gas. In addition, an enhancement in the drain conductance has been found. To summarize, a striped channel PM-HEMT present a better charge control than a conventional PM-HEMT.

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