In the past Janneke K. Oostrom has collaborated on articles with Jan Luca Pletzer. One of their most recent publications is A meta-analysis of the relations between personality and workplace deviance: Big Five versus HEXACO. Which was published in journal Journal of Vocational Behavior.

More information about Janneke K. Oostrom research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

Janneke K. Oostrom's Articles: (3)

A meta-analysis of the relations between personality and workplace deviance: Big Five versus HEXACO

Highlights•We examine both the HEXACO and the Big Five personality model.•HEXACO Honesty-Humility is the strongest predictor of workplace deviance.•HEXACO and B5 Agreeableness and Conscientiousness are also important predictors.•The HEXACO (31.97%) explains more variance in workplace deviance than the Big Five (19.05%).

Full Length ArticleFalse consensus in situational judgment tests: What would others do?

Highlights•We introduce a SJT response instruction based on the false consensus effect.•The majority of participants showed a false consensus bias in SJT responses.•A false consensus SJT is less susceptible to faking than a would-do SJT.•A false consensus SJT shows adequate construct validity in high-stakes settings.•A false consensus SJT predicts self-reported and behavioral outcomes.

New technology in personnel selection: How recruiter characteristics affect the adoption of new selection technology

Highlights•This study expands the understanding of the effects of new technology in personnel selection.•Recruiters’ intentions to use new technology relate to perceptions of useful and ease of use.•Recruiter characteristics predict perceptions of usefulness and ease of use.•Different variables affect the acceptance of new technology by recruiters than by applicants.•Managers are well-advised to be aware of the technology readiness of their recruiters.

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