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Yvette Reisinger's Articles: (7)

Chapter 5 - Culture

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Cultural Differences between Mandarin-Speaking Tourists and Australian Hosts and Their Impact on Cross-Cultural Tourist-Host Interaction

AbstractThis article discusses the importance of understanding cultural differences between tourists and hosts for developing positive cross-cultural tourist-host interaction, tourist holiday satisfaction, and repeat visitation. It concentrates on the major cultural differences between Mandarin-speaking tourists and Australian hosts. The basic dimensions of these differences are found by the principal components analysis. The implications of the results for tourism industry management and marketers are presented.

Reconceptualizing object authenticity

AbstractThe study of tourism has made authenticity a scholarly issue but without even a hint of consensus about what the concept represents. Is it a property of toured objects and events, or a state of mind, or a mode of being toward tourism? Is it objective or experiential, universal or personal, in the eye of the beholder or defined by hosts or marketers? This paper explores all these questions by surveying tourism literature. It focuses on object authenticity, a term used for the genuineness of artifacts and events. It concludes that scholars should abandon the concept and the term because there is no common ground as to their existence, meaning, or importance.

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