In the past William A. Campbell has collaborated on articles with Ralph E. Hopkins and Walter R. Schreck. One of their most recent publications is A One-Stage Hypospadias Repair: Modification of the Broadbent Procedure. Which was published in journal The Journal of Urology.

More information about William A. Campbell research including statistics on their citations can be found on their Copernicus Academic profile page.

William A. Campbell's Articles: (5)

Comparing severity of continuous torrefaction for five biomass with a wide range of bulk density and particle size

Highlights•Willow, wheat straw, cattail, moringa & spruce pellets were torrefied in a horizontal moving bed.•Average particle mass and mass flowrate were predictive of torrefaction mass yield for 4/5 types.•Mass flow correlated to mass yield at 250 °C by Ym = 0.35Q+0.7, validated by additional datapoints.•The long, cylindrical shape of wheat straw seemed to limit torrefaction.•Horizontal moving bed should be concluded to be a feedstock-flexible design for torrefaction.

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